Plug and Play Rankings

Our sites are built and ranked before we present them for sale. They are built to attract customers that best fit your dental practice. Each of our sites have hundreds, if not thousands of organic searches a month from people that are looking for dental services.

All sites are already on page one of Google

Our sites are pre-built specifically to rank for highly searched organic keywords. We build the site and get it ranked on page one of Google. Then and only then will we present the site for sale. We do not promise to get you on page one, we deliver a page one ranked site for you to purchase.


Although each site is already built and ranked on page one of Google for highly searched keywords, we will customize it upon purchase. Addresses, bios and additional information can all be changed to meet your needs. The site will truly reflect your practice.

We understand that there are a lot of companies promising to deliver page one Google rankings that will help you grow your business. is the only company in the marketplace today that will make the required investment to build a top ranking dental site that receives hundreds, if not thousands of organic searches a month, prior to offering the site for sale.

We do not make promises. We deliver high quality, high ranking websites that are specifically designed to bring the new customers that you desire, into your practice. has one goal in mind. That goal is to grow your business, easily, quickly and with highly targeted consumers.   Helping your business grow.